Rowan Tree Medical collaborates with pharmaceutical industry leaders in the global pursuit of finding a cure for HIV/AIDS. Since 2006, our research staff has been involved in over 40 Phase II, III, and IV clinical trials which supported FDA approval of 7 HIV medications, a Smallpox vaccine, and an anti­-diarrheal agent.

Clinical research provides practitioners with knowledge and tools to make effective strides in caring for HIV+ clients. Advancements are made in part because of incomparable men and women who participate in clinical studies. Though longevity and quality of life has significantly increased since the early 1990s, we are entering the third decade of the AIDS pandemic still without a cure.

Rowan Tree Medical is committed to assist its partners in not only finding a cure, but in facilitating the best care and providing the most advanced treatment options for those currently living with HIV.

Current Studies

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